Tuesday, August 11, 2015

What Is Social Media And Examples

What is Social media

Social medias are computer related tools that allows people to create,sharing informations,images,videos etc. Now a days social media is necessary for human life .it act as a communicating medium between humans.social media have a big role in human life.any news,informations,everything get from social medias.it is inexpensive widely used tool for publishing and sharing informations like blogs,photos etc.By using internet we can access social media sites.Most of the social media sites are free and flexible to use.

Prominent Examples Of Social Media Sites

•    Facebook  is very famous free social networking site.that allow registered users can create their profile,upload photos,and post any news ideas and status of the users.and they can also upload videos communicating through sending messages.add known friends to our friendlist and like and comments their posts or photos.
•    Twitter is a inexpensive online social media microblogging service.after registration we can access the twitter account.we can tweet our posts and information.we can also follow the members if we are interested.
•    Google plus is another free social media network.it is provided by google.we can create account in google plus through gmail.the registered members can allow to communicate with each other.
•    Linkdin is mainly designed for business community.it is also free if we are registered member of  linkdin.registerd members can also allow to publish their thoughts and ideas.
•    Reddit site members known as redditors.this social site composed of hundreds of social communities.

Social media site is integrated to our life.social medias help for promoting the business level marketing.good customer relationship management leads to good marketing.one of the main component of social media marketing is search engine optimization.


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