Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Blog optimization tools


Blog is a informational site published on a world wide web and  publicaly accessible for an individual and it is typically updated also shows the image of  the author. The blog readers can easily understand by adding   images ,videos  in to the blog .We have to decide the position and name of the image .When we adding a image we give a title and alternate title for the identity of the image. By using  Tin eye we can determine the image duplication. When we adding headings to the blog it is very easier method to read and scan for blog readers. Always try to use Heading 1 once to your page and keep to use heading 2, heading 3 to other sections. We can also bold, italic, underline even change the color of the text as wish.

Tools for promoting blog

For promoting our blog we have to do something.
  •  The number one task is creating good contents in blog from beginning. Content is the king, we might drive thousands of people to our blog, but if there is nothing to read, they will leave the page. We have to write informative or interesting ideas in to the blog the viewers have tendency to read our blog and suggest for friends through sharing social media sites like twitter, Facebook etc.
  •  Anchor text optimization is the clickable hyperlink. The colored anchor text is most common in websites. Anchor text is known as link title. It is most visible to bots. if we click the word containing anchor text it should go to new page through this activity anchor text help determining the ranking of that the page will receive by search engines like google, yahoo.
  •   If we use headers and bold or grey color keywords makes easier scanning as well as reading.
  •  Synonyms is added to our blog it is very effective.

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